Axiodemy – value of people

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A. Giloyan

Axiodemy – value of people

Under the concept of Axiodemy "the value of people" means the value of the human society and of each individual who is inside of it, and exists in organic unity with nature. Axiodemia is a socio-political structure of society, alternative to democracy, where every citizen from birth has a right, guaranteed by the state, right, on reaching the age of consent, to the provision of a living wage, which means a limited by a lifetime ownership of the land without the right of sale, as well as provision of primary housing in the form of lending through the banking system (with fixed lowest and highest loans for housing construction in accordance with one of the three categories of comfort) at a symbolic interest.

The Axiodemical system assumes the reformation of various spheres. Stabilisation of life activity leads to a gradual shift away from the creation of political institutions with essentially different points of view. With the complex of changes in social and economic spheres in place, the party system and the party attribute of recruiting for the political elite are no longer needed, ideological and other differences are levelled. The main goal of politics, which has separated from business, becomes care of human beings without economic, religious and ethnic differences.


The Axiodemical system of government represents a mechanism of functioning of the SSC (Supreme Supervisory Council) which serves as a tool to control the efficiency through a selective procedure of testing government officials, and thereby exercises direct protection of interests and values of the people. Its functions also includes overseeing the manifestations of violations of the law of the people representing the highest authorities, including the president.

The WSC (World Scientific Centre) is an institution for the upbringing and training of human beings within the framework of the Science campus, which has global goals and tasks, and namely, it helps bring humans out of the formed endless circle, giving a chance to change one’s way, i.e. it will prevent various global calamities on the planet and contribute to their mitigating effect. A new joint body is formed inside the WCS - the global scientific council, which registers, patents and controls further development of the inventions of scientists in all countries.

Axiodemy, through the institution of SIC (State Insurance Companies) which is a key government ministry of each country, assumes implementation of several social and economic reforms aimed at settlement of public and international disputes, maintaining trust to the authorities and spreading worldwide in the form of the union of Axiodemical states.

Axiodemy system involves the innovative construction and changing urban architecture, which should lead to the solution of some problems of the industrialized world in the form of interconnected networks of molecular structure consisting of megacities. The architecture of the future, which is the ecological civilization in the form of urban aggregations without an asymmetric relationships between provinces and megacities.

The Geopolitical System of Axiodemy (GSA). According to the "Axiodemy" concept, the key to the stability of the global system should be a set of checks and balances in geopolitics. Axiodemy is a Tripolar world which is able to keep the balance on the following criteria: economic, territorial, demographic, political and strategic. Creation and implementation of a new geopolitical model based on "Tripolar world" around the three leading multinational centres: the United States, European Union, Russia (Trans-American, Trans-European, Trans-Russian). Within each of these three groups of states a separate socio-economic system is created

The member states of the Axiodemy system define the city, which is the common centre of political life with the main institution of political power - the Supreme Supervisory Council (SSC). The states form the unions, which also have the political representation of power - the SSC. Three allied Supreme Supervisory Councils form The World Supervisory Council, which is expected to be located in Switzerland and is the political, financial, etc. centre.

On the basis of humanistic ideas the Axiodemical system enables to proceed to the formation and organisation of consolidated governance of the union of two superior worldwide councils – the Supreme Supervisory Council and the Worldwide Council for Science – which play the role of international arbitrator with a right of veto.


Axiodemy is the value of people.

Mind is above and beyond money.

In an axiodemical state, the concept of "personality" must prevail over the concept of "capital". The forefront in the state policy is given to the programme of regulation of large assets for the purpose of development of million-plus cities and creations of social and economic balance which provides its population with food products at prices corresponding to the living standard of (as a task for all the humankind), preserving natural resources of the country, because air space and water space, earth and its mineral wealth belong to the people.

Axiodemia gives an opportunity to create a new union of states with different levels of development, which contributes to implementation of equality of social life conditions and enables a person to take his place in the world.

The mission of human life according to the Axiodemy concept:

Space is art
Life is a spider web
Knowledge is an approach
Contemplation is a step forward person.
Do not rush with your thoughts
you will lose quality of your reasoning.
Do not be angry, ki-lek plant
that is just a person.
Do not envy, do not harm - the belief
is in truth, not in lie.


To provide future generations of one’s kin.

To have minimum of two professions as a means to make one's living.

To live in a place where a person feels freedom and harmony of inner world.






Providing oneself with food in a humane way

Deliberate move away from factors causing fear.

Reasonable approach to physiological affinity.


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Business interests are steering much of the politics instead of the interests of the people, so it is a good idea to separate politics from business, but how are you planning to do that in practice? With laws? What kind of laws? Do you think parliaments want to make such laws?

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