Science of Axiodemia

01 March 2015 в 16:43



The Ethics of Axiodemy


Psychology of human beings and society harmonization programme



Children’s upbringing according to the principle:


My language is my thoughts,


My nation is a human being,


My soul is my belief.


A. Giloyan


Axiodemy – the value of people


The World Scientific Centre 


Stability in society depends on the development of science. That is a lever of our existence.


The purpose of the Academic project is the creation of a uniform world network with a common system of education and upbringing. Its primary activity and functioning comprises purely scientific and creative direction and a priori does not assume intervention in other spheres of life activity, but contributes to resolution of various social and political, economical, cultural and religious problems.


The project of Science campus has global purposes and tasks which are based not on consumer attitude to nature, but on a deeply scientific, academic approach to understanding and studying of phenomena accessible to human beings. 


The programme of upbringing and education of human beings in the Science campus pursues a creative and educational aim to create a harmonious society. 







Axiodemy. Education.


We assume that the first result of the Science Campus Project will be visible in 30 years from the date of start-up. Children brought to the Science Campus at the age of two will reach lawful age and thanks to their much more developed thinking compared to all other people will make a lot of important scientific discoveries which will contribute to the rapid progress of science and humankind.


Formation of Science campuses firstly on five main continents and further in every country will create conditions for upbringing of a large number of clever, developed, self-sufficient people free from all social "viruses", who do not bear a negative genotype and contribute to the future improvement of the gene pool of humankind. 


Thus, in 50 - 70 years after implementation of the project, people will understand what our mind is capable of in reality, and aggressive trends in development of the society will gradually survive their usefulness.



                                     Game “Balance in the big world”


Axiodemy – the value of people


         A new collegial body is set up within the framework of the World Scientific Centre (WSC) – the Worldwide Council for Science which registers, patents and controls further development of inventions of scientists in all countries. 


The WSC makes a general decision regarding necessity of financial incentive for certain candidates, which is carried out through separate bodies of the Supreme Supervisory Council (SSC).


 The Worldwide Scientific Council coordinates conditions of use and possibility of distribution of various kinds of inventions with the SSB of a specific country. 


In the absence of a statement regarding the creation of a potentially dangerous invention within 30 days assumes that a citizen or an organisation is subject to a world court trial, and this invention is subject to a universal ban. A country where such an invention has been created bears a large financial responsibility. 


In accordance with the development of science, weapons of mass destruction will cease to be an element of business, trade and manufacture, since there will be no aggression in society. 


Thus, eliminating the conditions posing a threat to humankind gradually takes place. 


"The humankind must realise that the power is not in force, that is not in military power and a as consequence, in wars, death and sufferings of people. From ancient times people aspired to subdue others, to conquer lands and countries. But it is a dead-end track, which has been repeatedly proved by the history of humankind.

The power is not in money, that is not in aspiration to achieve material wealth at any cost in order to tower above other people and the humankind as a whole and to dictate them one’s will. It relates both to separately individuals, and to the state as a whole, and this way results in most negative consequences for the humankind.

We assume that if the democratic system continues to develop the current way, then in connection with formation of quantum physics in the immediate prospects (15-20 years) there will be new global threats to the whole humankind.

The power is in mind, that is in mental abilities of those people who can find ways and solutions of global problems by means of two key bodies of science and a politics - the Universal Centre of Science and the Universal Supervisory Board, which contribute to creation of harmonious society."






Axiodemy. Education.


The first stage is from 2 to 8 years: Academy for children. 


Selection of future pupils is carried out with parental consent - on the basis of psychological testing, psychoneurological diagnostics and genetic research. The main selection criterion is the level of intellectual activity. In agreement with their parents, the return of children back home in case of a serious or incurable disease which influences their further training process is possible until they are 4-5 years old, after the age of 5 - treatment and care are carried out by employees of the science campus.

Throughout the whole training, parents are informed about health and educational achievements of their child and are given an opportunity of periodic communication with children through a translator. 


 It is necessary to start developing a child’s thinking from the earliest age while he has not yet realised himself as a person, while he cannot fully communicate with people around him, and his brain is already open for any information. During this period a child must work 70-80 percent of time according to a specific programme aimed at the development of his thinking capabilities.

Our programme of upbringing preschool age children is built on the principle of children having no emotional tension during the process of training. Psychological tranquility enables broadening of horizons and dimensions of thinking and gives a chance for a child to develop by means of an individual game, instead of competition among children. In this case the main task is to develop the process of thinking, therefore, in individual games, even if a child is not very much concentrated on solving a problem or does not cope with it up to the end, a certain result will be achieved anyway, which will further contribute to the development of a child’s thinking. 







Axiodemy. Education.


The second stage is from 8 to 15 years: Academic school


In the Academic school, 30 percent of study time is devoted to lessons aimed at development of thinking. For these lessons, groups are formed not by the criterion of age, but by the level of development of thinking of pupils who can be from different training classes. Thus, a group can comprise 50 to 70 children of different ages. This large number of pupils in the group is explained by the fact that each pupil will work independently in the course of completing his tasks without  disturbing others. Tasks are designed so that everybody will have his own, individual result. The following subjects with advanced specialty options are studied at the Science campus: essentials of philosophy and psychology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and astronomy. A certain number of lessons is also devoted to geography, studying specific works of literature, essentials of social science, ethics and aesthetics. Track and field and swimming lessons are held to keep up and strengthen health. There should be neither team nor individual games of a competitive nature, so that there is no emotional tension. At first, a lesson lasts 35 - 40 minutes; thereafter the duration gradually increases up to 45-55 minutes. During breaks between their thinking lessons, school children take a walk for 15 minutes all by themselves in the area of the Science campus or quietly relax in silence, having converted their class armchairs. Grades for thinking lessons are given on the ten-point scale in decimals, so that a teacher can define the level of thinking of each pupil in more detail. Grades are given every month, based on the overall performance of a pupil. Total overall scores are announced individually every three months, in order not to create tension among pupils in the training process. 





Axiodemy. Education.


The third stage is from 15 to 23 years: Higher school of the Academy


  At this stage, 20 percent of study time is devoted to lessons for the  development of thinking capabilities, 80 percent of time is allocated for mastering scientific knowledge. Children are taught the English language after the age of 18, and they can study other languages only after they have become parents when they reach the age of 29.


Pupils receive from the external world only the information which corresponds to the training programme, and they communicate only with teachers and personnel of the Science campus. Training of all children, regardless of their nationality, is carried out in one and the same artificially created language; we will provisionally call it Esperanto. All residents of the Science campus communicate in the same language both in training and their living environment. Before reaching lawful age, pupils in the Science campus do not study religion, and accordingly, there is no religious influence on formation of their world outlook. But starting from 12 years of age children in training process are provided with general information about the God theory ("the Divine power"). In order to prevent the influence of negative information from modern society, it is necessary to have mandatory restrictions of access to internet and telephone conversations and direct contacts of pupils with their parents until the age of 23. An interpreter is required as an intermediary during telephone and personal conversations not only to interpret any other language into Esperanto, but also to filter and screen out negative information which parents may pass to their children intentionally or incidentally. Parents can visit their children in the Science campus not more than twice a year.


 Students reach lawful age when they are 23. Students can become parents at  the age of 27-29, and their germ cells are taken for research at the age of 26. After the birth of a child, during their holiday, they can leave the Science campus and go home or travel, they can freely communicate with other Scientific centres. Group sightseeing tours around the world as part of the training process are arranged starting from the age of 12. 


Axiodemy – the value of people


In order to implement the Project, it is necessary to construct a Science campus with developed infrastructure and everything for life and work. Until the first graduation of scientific personnel, 75 600 persons will live in the Science campus, including serving employees. If we assume that each new enrolment of 2-year-old children in the quantity of 6000 persons to the Science campus is carried out with an interval of three years, then by the time of the first graduation (six thousand of 26-year-old students ready to become parents), the number of pupils will reach 60 000, and after a while it will be complemented with children born by former students. All these children will join the structure of next generations of pupils of the Science campus.


It is necessary to note that enrolment of employees of the Science campus is based on principles of serious competitive selection; employment takes places on the basis of a fixed term contract.



At the first stage, the number of residents of the Science campus will be approximately 14 200 persons.


One can provisionally assume that during the period from 2043 to 2067 inclusively graduates of scientific centres will give birth to 39 000 children possessing developed thinking and gifted in the sphere of sciences. The first graduation of 6 thousand 28-year-old scientists will take place in 2046 and then further on according to the Programme.





Axiodemy – the value of people


The area allocated for the construction of the main Scientific Centre must feature normal comfortable climatic conditions, be ecologically and geographically safe. The Science campus represents a model of the planetary centre of science located on a neutral territory. Figuratively speaking, it is possible to call it a “Campus on the Cayman Islands”. A worldwide touristic Pantheon will be constructed in a separate area near the Academic centre, where achievements of all science and creative geniuses will be collected. Water canals will divide islets which symbolise a certain epoch. A museum will be devoted to each genius, where all his achievements will be presented. 


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ROSALINDA 21 April 2015 в 20:31
[I]Hello, Axiodemia. In this concept, the idea of creating a three-polar world is very original. It promotes humanism in modern society. The most important thing is that science and politics are not interconnected. Oh my God, will there really be no more wars come in the future?[/I]
Priscilla, Mexico 22 April 2015 в 14:58
My name is Priscilla, your concept is very useful for the society. I am very glad that in Russia there are humane people like yourself. May God bless your ideas and family.
Kassandre Marinatos 23 April 2015 в 18:00
I am from Greece. I came across your site when I typed the word ‘axio’. I am a chemistry graduate. I have studied Russian history, read about Tsiolkovsky, Mendeleev and other people well known all over the world. I wish you luck in your work and future aspirations.
Vyom 15 July 2015 в 14:30
What education has been used for today? Are kids around the globe being educated to fit into this mad structure ---world of confusion and hatred. Is that education, or is education something entirely different? So, the question is how to bring about the right kind of education so that the innocent mind can withstand the bestiality of this civilization. Is it possible to educate them differently? `Educate' in the real sense of that word: that is to be extraordinarily critical. To educate them not be a second-hand human being but first hand.
Pavel 21 January 2016 в 10:38
I can agree with the idea that science should be more important in our world. But your idea with Worldwide Scientific Council and education can also be seen as elitism. How can you be sure that this kind of elitism will work?

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