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A. Giloyan

Geopolitical forecast of the world order according to the futurological conception of the Axiodemy.

In the age of globalization joint efforts should be made to implement the programme of peaceful co-existence of all countries and nations of the world. For this purpose, transformation of the modern democratic system into Axiodemy is proposed, which presumably represents a three-polar world capable of keeping balance by the following criteria: economic, territorial, demographic, political and strategical. The world geopolitical system will be based on The Three-polar World. It will specify the way of maintaining stability of the world order within the framework of axiodemic approach, which creates a reasonable consumption system and also a counterbalance and insurance system. The Three-polar World consisting of three allied commonwealths of states (Trans-American Commonwealth, Trans-European Commonwealth and Trans-Russian Commonwealth) unlike most modern global geopolitical models, is built not on principles of armed stand-off and tough economic competition, but on a principle of rational provision of resources to people living in countries of each commonwealth.


Each commonwealth includes countries possessing a certain set of resources (economic, demographic, territorial). A separate social and economic system (currency and so forth) is formed in each of the three allied groups of states. The axiodemic system creates sufficient conditions for each individual to satisfy his minimum requirements, which contributes to a reduction of psychological tension in society and does not allow the states which have joined the union to change internal political and economic borders based on religious and ethnical attributes. Opportunities are created to implement allied cooperation with consent of all states in various spheres on the basis of long-term contracts.

The political basis of the axiodemy is transformation of the democratic system and, as consequence of that, we believe that there is no need to radically change the existing standard and legal bases through implementation of the Axiodemy programmes in political, academic , land and family spheres. A human being by his nature cannot live without control, so he cannot do without the state either.In the Axiodemy system state are reduced to internal control procedures and the implementation of international policies.

In the Axiodemic system, functions of the state are reduced to control of internal order and implementation of global policy.

The Axiodemy geopolitical system in The Three-polar World order enables the passing from military and destructive to scientific and creative type of life activity.


Geopolitical forecast of the world order according to the futurological conception of the Axiodemy.

The scheme shows 3 global Commonwealths:


1.Trans-American Commonwealth  2. Trans-European Commonwealth   3. Trans-Russian Commonwealth


The new geopolitical world scheme developed by us reflects our position concerning the development of internal policy and international relations in various spheres. This map shows three large political unions. Each union represents a symbiosis of economies, religions, ethnic groups, natural resources, scientific development of various countries which supplement each other for uniform harmonious development of civilization on the principle developed in the Axiodemic system. Developed states in each of the three unions are responsible for less developed countries; the principle of such responsibility is built on the basis of common access to natural and economic resources. The purpose of such organisation is to achieve rational welfare based on reasonable restriction of manufacture and consumption of resources.

In the states which are a part of the Axiodemic system, a city is defined which is a common centre of political life; each of the cities hosts the main institution of political power – the SSB (Supreme Supervisory Board). The states form unions which also have political representation of power – the SSB. Three allied Supreme Supervisory Boards form the World Supervisory Council (WSC) which is located in Switzerland and is a political, financial and miscellaneous centre. Thus, joint cooperation of the World Supervisory Council and World Scientific Council is used to resolve problems of the world scale.

The first step for implementation of the Axiodemic system of the unions is creating the Supreme Supervisory Councils in each state, which will carry out the testing of elected officials of legislative power. The second step is the creation of the World Scientific Centre. The third step is land reform and architecture. The fourth step is family reform.


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