Axiodemia" project is a social and philosophical system carrying out a systematic search for answers to challenges the humankind is facing in the twenty-first century. Our concept is not a political ideology or a manifesto. We invite various experts to discuss global problems of world civilization. website was started online on March 1, 2015


Philosophy of political science. Axiodemia

Philosophy of political science. Axiodemia

Ph.D. in philosophical sciences, an associated professor at St.-Petersburg University of culture and arts, an art historian, a member of the International association of historians of art and art critics.


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Problems of the modern time. Axiodemia. Giloyan A.

Problems of the modern time. Axiodemia. Giloyan A.

Is a philosopher and a writer-futurologist.


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Doctor of Philosophy, professor, honorary worker of the Higher school of the Russian Federation
Honorary professor of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I.Herzen.


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