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A. Giloyan

Modern political systems 

Throughout human history, external social constructs (economics, culture, religion) are the major ones for the society to choose a certain political system. The criteria to determine the correctness or incorrectness of a political regime are two categories – the level of scientific development and availability of natural resources.

In the 21st century it is becoming clear that the democratic political system leads not to humanization, but to the monopolization of all spheres of social life by states-superpowers, which  is manifested in resolving geopolitical issues, creating  deformed institutions of people’s representation and visibility of their functionality, distribution of world financial flowscontrol of the world market. This monopolization is caused by their military and financial superiority over other countries. Social conflicts are even more often instigated with a purpose to initiate military actions and thus raise the economical and political level of military super-powersThere is a divergence between the understanding of given time and the reality where the process of performance of duties and resolution of social problems takes place

Historically, there was no political system capable to implement "peace in the whole world". History and life show that states with authoritarian or totalitarian regime have stamped in the memory of humankind as samples of abuse of power, prosecution of innocent persons who do not accept the regime.

Monarchy as a form of government does not create a condition for free and progressive development. Absolute power suppresses, reduces ideas and innovations to a minimum, trying to keep what already exists. Political pluralism is necessary for harmonious evolutionary development of societyPresence of absolute power in various political regimes and forms of government (monarchy, republic; democratic, authoritative, totalitarian, etc.) creates preconditions both for civil and world wars and also for income inequality, creating "an abyss between people". 

The state must create conditions for maximum autonomy of citizens, marginally limiting a person by legislation.


Thus, it is my belief that the higher the feeling of personal freedom, the stronger is the state

The modern democratic system of government is a certain system of state power the basis of which is capital. The democracy mechanism is not capable of exercising declared political rights and freedom, therefore, power is taken by politicians whose personal and professional qualities do not correspond to their job positions, and thus a deceptive effect of delegation of national interests is created

         The economic basis of democracy is private property and capitalism. When there is private property, people develop their businesses for their own benefit, thereby developing  the economy of their state, but meanwhile considerable social stratification and unemployment take place concurrently, which inevitably leads to public contradictions and social disruptions. 


In order to get out of the existing situation, the state is compelled to pay various allowances for temporary restraint of public contradictions and in parallel finds a way out through intervention in the internal arrangement of other states by means of putting economic and military pressure. As a result, a "control without control” system is formed. Thus, splicing politics and business leads to destabilization of state administration system. Owing to what, the inconsistent essence of the past and the deformed representation about the future is bared. This problem can be characterized by means of the following aphorism - "a life with gold coins hangs on a mouldering rope". 






The majority of states, having selected the democratic way of development, are hostages of the capitalist system – a linear one-way route, which amplifies social differentiation and instability. Capitalism is characterized by saltation motions and problems of irrational resource consumption. 


The democracy in itself, regardless of resolution of territorial and economic or national and religious disagreements, is not capable of creating an unipolar world with a humane mode of governance. The lack of humane and rational governance, in our opinion, deprives humankind of the rational meaning of life. 


The world’s main natural and land capital, being on the whole at the disposal of a narrow circle of 10-15% of people, depreciates a proclaimed concept of "personal freedom”. 


           A person, being within a democratic state system, is compelled to achieve his goals by any means, (his body automatically turns into a hostage of his business), contributing to a property split in society, in other words, "wealth divides people, and power divides animals".  It happens because a person’s body automatically turns into a hostage of his business


By no means do we intend to condemn the existing political and geopolitical systems, as our purpose is not to criticize specific states and political unions, power institutions and specific persons. In modern states business and political elements are interconnected in such a way that the world order mechanism is gradually losing its balance and also is in gradual development. In such a case, a sensation arises that "it seems like everybody is together", but actually "nobody and with anybody". That is to say that emotion prevails over a person and community, it forces certain people to cross the line of humanity for the sake of their interests. These people create a capital in this or that state and in case of major negative economic changes in the world they come into collision with their own beliefs, as a result a personal principle of self-defence is formed, which causes a backward process - aggression. These tendencies are increasingly manifested in the modern world up to govermental level where there are people who have no idea about political management, but having a certain social status and authority try to get into the political sphere which is so attractive. Analyzing all the above-said, one can note that "criticism does not save the situation, but gives a chance for reflection". 


Based on the properties inherent in a modern person, in my view, any condemnation of the existing political systems is not fair, as there is no political system which contributes to providing a person with the necessary conditions for peaceful life activity. 




In these conditions, I envisage my main task is to explain how in the modern world a person can lose his individuality and value




Today, arms traffic for the purpose of receiving financial gains is a norm. States are actively spending budgetary funds for the manufacture and development of arms to ensure their own security and to sell weapons to other countries. Undoubtedly, this action is a crime from the point of view of universal human morality, as any weapon is intended for the annihilation of people, using such weapons cannot be justified by anything.


In the modern world such laws are adopted by people who own huge assets. In this case a thought of protection arises at the psychological level and, as a result, practically any person can purchase a weapon. As a result, society stays in an anxiety state and the feeling of full freedom is lost.


The American superpower, having established the basis of a democratic system, starting from the second half of the 20th century, has undertaken a role of the main ideologist and world distributor of political and economic fundamentals - democracy and private property - as a condition for social and economic stability. 

Worldwide communities under the patronage of the USA, extending their hegemony by means of the economic way, create an effect of political justification for intervention in affairs of other states. Thus the EU as a democratic interstate formation contributes to successful functioning and distribution of the influence of the American economic system, primarily the financial and currency one. The European Union includes states which are extremely different from each other in terms of economic parameteres and natural resources, but equally have a social abyss in terms of living standards.

In order to keep world stability not only European Union but also other modern political unions are very important which serve to protect people’s interests and follow humanistic principles of government. The only way out for the EU in alliance with the USA is political and ideological, financial and military pressure on states which possess a wide natural potential. America, being in the lead, in this case tries to create a unipolar world which, in our opinion, does not contribute to development of the humankind and leads to chaos. Both political and financial elites of the EU and the USA carry out lobbying of their interests through a mechanism of attraction to joint business and political promotion of the key and first persons of other states, creating economic and political dependence

          Lack of a supranational supervisory institution leads to further reinforcement of economic levers of influence. In our opinion, democracy in the current conditions is an insufficiently steady political system which creates insoluble contradictions and is not capable of resolving them

The tendency to strengthen armed forces and defence capacity of countries causes an increase in the conflictogenity level in the world and a retreat of the concept of "human life values" to the background

The modern democratic world loses its proclaimed balance, all pieces on the chessboard are painted the same colour where "mess and chaos are created, and the endgame never comes". 



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Guest 19 January 2016 в 12:31
What kind of political system can ensure the peace and the will of the people? How can you regulate that states are not spending on arms and wars? How can you stop profit making from wars?

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